Welcome to the Sim Stories Masterlist!

Hello Stranger,

Here our goal is to collect all stories that are hosted utilizing the Sims as a medium. We are Blamsart and Livvielove, two Simlit lovers who wanted to create a fantastic list of all the Sim Stories we could get our hands on!

We've devised a system to make it easy to search for Simlit in all genres and styles, and we've slowly started to put down stories we know of/we run into onto this list as we go. If you notice your story isn't on the list and you want it to be - or is on the list but the information isn't accurate, please visit our FORMSpage.

Otherwise, here's a list of the sections of this site and what they do:
ACTIVE: This page houses all the stories that are currently active within a 1 year time frame

INACTIVE/CANCELED: Once a story has been silent for over 1 year or has declared an infinite hiatus, it is moved to this page. It can at any time be brought back to the ACTIVE page
COMPLETED: The title is self-explanatory. Once your story has rea…